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Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter!

Okay, fine, so that's not really correct- Happy Good Friday everyone!

It's the start of a four day weekend for us students! Hooray!! Today I'm pretty much doing nothing, Saturday I think I'm doing nothing as well. But Sunday is going to be SO MUCH FUN. After mass (yes I'm Catholic), I'm going to go to Dee's house so that Petey and Fortune can have a bit of a play. Then we are going to be in a parade! The Easter Beaches Parade! With Calvin, Patience, Polaris, Winter, Blossom, Amigo and other foster puppies. Petey will also have his own set of bunny ears on. Monday i'm doing nothing again but I have to work on a biology project, yuck!!

Also, two days ago Petey went through his first thunderstorm. I think he was really confused, he looked like he didn't know where the noise was coming from. After a while he started barking at "it" but stopped after a few seconds. Honestly, I dont think it really bothered him.

Another Petey story you say? Last night he knocked over the lamp on my bedside table and the lamp fell on the floor and the lightbulb shattered! Bad little boy!!

In a change of subject (sorry to all the English majors out there-I know that is a horrible transition phrase :D), I swear this is NOT a Lost blog, BUT- I have tried to not write about Wednesday night's episode, and I can't hold out any longer. Especially after Jenny commented about one of my favourite parts! That's not fair! It's practically like she forced me to write about it! Therefore this week Jenny gets the blame for the Lost section. But keep commenting! I love hearing about your's and Amy's theories.
Anyways, I agree that their capturing "Henry Gale" is one of the best parts of the show- I can't wait for the next episode when he traps Ana Lucia. He is SO freaky, especially when he was smiling as Locke tried to force information out of him. I cannot believe the new episode isn't for another two weeks! :( Plus I didn't think this week's episode was that great, even the Jack and Kate part- it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The best part was definitely when Michael stumbled out, but again- have to wait TWO weeks to find out what happens with him. Oh wait! No, the best was was when Vincent returned! Did it not look like he had lost weight? And did you know "he" is really a she? I was reading stuff about Vincent, and it turns out his part is really played by a female lab! I'm glad he came back, (s)he's one of my very favourite characters as I'm sure Jenny and maybe even Julia and Sam and AmyB will agree.
Who doesn't love a show where the D-O-G is speculated to be G-O-D?

Vincent-whos' real name is Madison


Blogger 8675309 said...

I hear that a lot of male dog characters on TV and in movies are played by female dogs instead...in part because there are no unsightly...parts. =)

Oddly enough, though, the role of Lassie was usually played by a male dog. So I don't know what that's all about!

1:51 p.m.

Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

Nice post Nat!

even though I don't watch lost.. :P

6:46 a.m.


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