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Sunday, April 09, 2006

You know you won't be kicked out of the mall when....

The security guard stops by to give your puppy a high five.

Though the was a low point as well- a couple told me dogs were not allowed in the mall, and I said he was working. Then they said "What?" then I said "he's working", then they said "WHAT???" then I said "He's WORKING" and I think you get the idea. They pretty much glared at me and watched me til I left. Well, sucks for them because I didn't actually leave, I was just walking outside to drop something in the mailbox. I hung outside for a while though until I was sure they left. But then my mom apparently thought I got lost or something because she came outside and yelled "NATALIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" really loud and that was a tad embarassing. I guess it's cool though 'cause now a couple of air cadets and Dominion employees can call me by name.

That was on Saturday. Today, we went to Vaughan Mills to buy me some new clothes, the newish ubermall that opened last summer! :D Petey was pretty well behaved- except for his ongoing problem-the jumping. My God, the jumping. I work on it every week, but still. I guess it's not as bad as if he were slated for Canine Vision, but it's still something we need to work much much much more on. In case you were wondering, I got two pairs of jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie!

Also, can I just tell you HOW EXCITED I am that Karla and Jenny and Jenny's roommate watches Lost? Jenny, you can post as many theories as you want, I don't care- I love finding out what other people's theories are, as I don't ahve any of my own. I just sit there and get headaches from all the extra thinking I do during that one hour. Also, I agree that Sawyer is HOT, but you're right, Jenny, I still wouldn't want to end up with him. Jack is a little mean as well- like when he yelled at Kate that time? But I would still rather her end up with Jack because they look so cute together! :D I read on ABC's site that in this week's episode, Jack and Kate rekindle their relationship! Yay! I'm so there!

Umm..I was gonna write something else but now I forgot :(

The End!


Anonymous LynnT said...

Oh my goodness Natalie you are too (sp?) funny. By the way ... I may have had a bit of a "potty" mouth as Dee would say, on our ROM trip, but at least I don't post such nasties on the internet for all to read.

If you would like I can try to give you a hand via the e-mail route for some of darling Petey's antics. I tried at the Open House, but it was a bit chaotic.


5:14 a.m.

Blogger 8675309 said...

Hooray for Lost! Let's see...there are a billion theories that have been around for a while, like they're all dead and in Purgatory, etc. But as this season has gone on, some of the old theories don't make much sense.

But Amy (my roommate) and I have one theory that it's one big experiment and all the people's memories are fake -- the memories have been implanted, which is why when we see flashbacks, people seem to all be connected to each other in some weird way.

I'm loving the turn they've taken lately, with capturing that Henry Gale guy...is he creepy or what?!?

11:22 p.m.


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