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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Random Things About Animals

I actually went somewhere today for something other than driving lessons or math tutorials! Yay! Some friends and I went to go see John Tucker Must Die, which was hilarious and also featured a LOT of superyummy Jesse Metcalfe (of Desperate Housewives and Passions)! =D The ending wasn't too great, but who cares, Jesse Metcalfe! Oh Jesse Metcalfe....the posts I could write about you...WAIT!!! I just found out that he's dating Nadine Coyle?? Okay, this sucks. But someday, we'll meet. Even if I have to sneak onto the set of Desperate Housewives. (just kidding..sorta) ;)

Anyways, the point of this little paragraph is that during the previews, they showed a clip of the movie Flicka, which is coming out October 20 (In the States...they don't mention Canada, so I'm assuming it'll be out the same time). I don't really know how to explain it, but it's based on the book, so if you read that you'll know what it's kinda like. It's basically about a young girl (played by Alison Lohman) who captures a wild horse, and really believes she can tame and ride her, but her father(played by Tim McGraw) is opposed to it, and wnats her to focus more on her education, and sends Flicka away. Even the preview was really moving and nearly made me cry, so I'm definitely going to watch it when it comes out...it looks awesome!!! I would definitely recommend any animal lover to go watch this movie. I can already tell it will be a tearjerker, so don't forget the tissues!

In other news, this month's issue of Dogs in Canada has an interesting article on a working team from our school, the Lions Foundation.

It's about a black lab HED Jury and his handler, Brian Davie, with quotes from Jury's foster family and trainer (who incidentally is my fifth grade teacher's daughter!). This article particularly struck me because this is what Petey will hopefully become. Someone's ears and "Their link to the world of sound".

Petey really enjoyed reading the article as well.


Blogger Nelliesmama said...

Petey can read? LOL Smart Puppy.

BTW gang,Nat had to ask ME what Hearing Ear Dog's " Their Link to the World Of Sound" saying was htere there.:P

I'll look for that issue of Dogs in Canada

"Flicka" sounds interesting.Tim McGraw starring in a movie? That's neat! Bet he does the songs for it too.

9:27 p.m.

Blogger gwiz said...

Back in the old days there was a TV show called My Friend Flicka.
I drove my parents crazy when they were looking for a horse for me-it had to look just like the horse in the TV program! I guess I'll be seeing the movie version, especially if Tim McGraw stars in it!

7:13 a.m.

Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

Hey Nat!!! COME ON MSN! Gezzz I haven't talked to you since I've come back from camping! where have you been? I miss you :'( LOL =D I'll live =P

YES! I JUST saw that movie ("John Tucker Must Die") I love it! Hottie-Mc-Hots-Hots was sure a very nice cup of tea =D

Glad you enjoyed the movie =)

5:37 p.m.


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