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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ahhh Not My Day Today! (But Hilarious)

What a fine Thursday to make a complete fool of myself.

We had just gotten our lockers today in homeroom, so of course I hadn't memorized my lock combo yet.

For lunch, my friend Therese and I decided to make a quick run to the business plaza, a 20 minute walk away for lunch at the food court. I put my slip of paper with the combo in my bag, tossed my bag in my locker, and since Reese's lock didn't work, I invited her to put her bag in there too. And then, I Locked.The. Locker. I LOCKED IT!!!! To be fair, I did feel a bit off, like I was missing something, but I just figured 'hey, i've got my money, what else do I need?'

So off we go....we didn't stay there to eat because Reese wanted to go back to school to see Mr Carey, one of the VPs about her non-working lock. (p.s., Carey's awesome!!!! He's my favourite VP ever, he's really funny and actually makes the assemblies fun and stuff). As we were entering the school, it hit me that I didn't have the combo with me. I panicked for all of two seconds, and then the number popped into my head. We arrive at my locker, and you guessed it- the combo I had thought was right, was, in fact wrong. We decided to eat lunch first, then go to him about the locks.

After lunch, we lined up outside his office, but the line was really long because there's been quite the mixup with lockers and schedules this year. We waited for half an hour, but then we had to go to class. Luckily, we had geo together, and it was a sub, so went back to Mr Carey's office, waited for about ten minutes, and it was our turn. (Oh wait, but not before I tried to walk out of class with a thread from my kilt unknowingly stuck to my desk, get stuck halfway done the aisle, and made a big *twang* as I unstuck it, and the whole class looked at me and the teacher was all "What's going on here?")

As expected, when I told him what I had done, he burst out laughing, and was like "That's outrageous!". At least I found out I wasn't the only one, someone else had done the same thing earlier. So he gave me my combo, and then the three of us walked to Therese's locker and fixed the problem, and then picked up our stuff from my locker, and went back to class.

Thankfully, Therese found all this uproariously funny....as did all my other classmates that found out ("Oh my God Nat! How do you even DO that??") All in all, a pretty fun way to pass periods 3 and 4, and then our last period, 5, I had a spare so I got to go home an hour early! Woohoo!


Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

BHA HA HA HA!! I can't believe you did that! LOSER!!! ha ha j/k =)

5:02 p.m.

Blogger Erynn & Jake said...

do you im? we could talk that way?
email me: erynlee100@yahoo.com

7:22 p.m.

Blogger Erynn & Jake said...

so you had a good day :-)))
That was funny!

7:24 p.m.


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