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Saturday, September 09, 2006


That noise you hear? Yeah, my heart just exploded with pride and happiness.

Today we had a puppy class-the one at the mall. Since our group's class got cancelled, we joined in on the next one, which just so happened to be Patience and Polaris'. Though sucky Amy couldn't be there...but that's okay, me and Sam had fun without her, right Sam? :P

I was a bit worried about this class- I know that he can do the stuff, but our last puppy class was a tad horrendous, so I was worried our puppy supervisor wouldn't see Petey behaving well, and just thinking that he was a monster. (Of course, he was distracted and unneutered at the time of the last class, which was an obedience one).

But anywho, since Sammarooney was working when I arrived in Oakville at 9:30 (Can I just take a moment to whine about how I had to wake up at 7 today?? On a SATURDAY?? It's like it was school all over again), our friend Della picked me up. Petey and her foster puppy, a black lab, had a little play in the back seat until we got to the foundation.

Petey on the GO train
There we hung out in the parking lot with some other foster puppies, and then we headed off to the mall on the bus. When we got to the mall, we walked around the upper level beside the railings (for height issues), then up and down the open staircases, then in the elevator (ahhh! stuck in a confined space with Sam!), then the regular escalators up and down, and then the harder escalator, with the yellow stripeys on them.

I am VERY happy to announce that today, Petey was freakin AWESOME!!! Although he was pulling a bit, and got excitable when people petted him, he handled everything like a pro, and I am SO HAPPY right now. Soooo proud of my baby boy, although I really hope this doesn't mean we've used up all our luck, and next puppy class he will be a monster again! Patience was also verrrryyyyyy well behaved, so I'm very proud of my pretty goddaughter as well :)

After the mall, Della, Sam and I went to this barbeque thing for a pet store's anniversary. This was near where Sam lived, so I sat in Sam's car and she gave me a "tour" of her part of town. At the store, I got a huge bag of peanut butter treats, and a little collar for Finnigan. (That's what I'm calling my puppy until I know it's name...cause that's what I want to name him.) And then we each got a balloon, and then the cashier guy popped it and there was a little paper inside saying how much we got off, so that was really nice. We got 15% off, and then we got a huge free bag of treats (it was chicken, though, so it'll have to be saved for Finn), and a few samples of treats. I definitely wish I lived closer so I could go to that pet store...it was cool, cause it wasn't one of those big chain ones that we usually see in Toronto.

After the shop, we went to the Burlington Fall Fair, where it was freezing and didn't rain...or so we tried to pretend to ourselves. ("Positive thinking! It's not raining!....ummm let's break out the umbrellas") It was fun just hanging out and eating a whole cone of cotton candy :D Yummyyyy! Cotton candy should be its own food group to be consumed at least once a day.

On the way home, I was pooped, but apparently Petey still had the energy to occassionally lunge for the dropped cookie on the GO train. He settled down for the TTC though, so that's good. I think the best compliment I've gotten so far in the entire time I've had Petey is one I got today. It wasn't verbal, but when we got up to leave the the train, the guy beside us gasped, and stared at Petey. Of course, he just might not have noticed him because he and his girlfriend were too busy singing Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back to each other and burping and thn kissing, but I'm totally taking this to mean he never even noticed Petey was lying under the seat only 5 cm away from his own feet. Woot woot!

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Blogger The Chandler Man said...

ahahahha!! The guy and his girlfriend singing sexy back?! Haha!! Were they young? Because I got this total mental image of people in like, their forties doing that. Which is just disturbing, but SO funny!! Glad Petey was such a wonderful boy. :)

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