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Friday, September 22, 2006

Lucky and Flo!

I just read in the paper today that the MPA (Motion Picture Association) are employing two new staff members to help them fight aginst the illegal pirating of DVDs- two labs named Flo and Lucky!

This is very cool, and before they officially start, they're going to tour around some countries to show off their talents! Hope they hit Toronto sometime!!

In personal puppy news, I just found out last night that one of our friends Della- her daughter, Kelsey will be fostering one of Fielder's littermates, Fawn, a chocolate mini poodle! I don't know if either of the names really have to do with my suggestions, but coincidentally, they were both on the list I sent in. Thanks Amber (I think it was you....lol) for those suggestions! :)

-8 DAYS TIL FIELDER COMES HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-


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