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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Will This NEVER End?

Such is the HARD life of being the foster puppy of a teenage girl at the mall...

Please, make it stop! Just let us sleep!

Well, they did get a new toy for the 4 hours they put in at the mall:

Also, my friend and I watched Flicka, and it was AMAZING!!!!! We were both actually crying, and neither of us EVER cry..well me, I only cry at puppy-related things =P But my friend...I'm pretty sure I haven't ever seen her cry, and I've known her since junior kindergarten. It wasn't the best movie ever, but it was really moving, and for once focussed purely (okay, well 97%) on animals. It's based on the book and its a remake of the old movie, about a girl who resues a mustang and her dad sells it and she has to get it back. It stars Alison Lohman, Maria Bello, Ryan Kwanten (moderately pretty- highlights too perfect), and Tim McGraw (oh I know you like that Lisa ;) ) Okay, it sounds kinda stupid when I write it, but still-it's really REALLY good!!!!!! GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Also, there's a PA day on my birthday (December 8), so I'm having an all day party!!!!! And you're all invited =D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so MEAN to your puppies..SHOPPING?!?! thier GUYS!!!

9:58 p.m.


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