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Monday, November 13, 2006

Fielder Goes to University!!!

No, not THAT one sillypoos! While Patience is out of action for a bit, Fielder (who, by the way is now a whole THREE POINT THREE KILOGRAMS!!!) is staying with Sam for the next week or three, because as we all know, Sam cannot live without a dog. Fielder is now a student at the University of Guelph, so he will come back as a yucky FARM DOG!!!! ahhhhh! And Sam, I am expecting many pictures!!! *hint hint* We had lots of fun with Amy and Cliff and Kelsey and Della at the assessment today. We had a fun drive up and back with Amy listening to her sing...ahem..many songs *she thinks my tractor is sexyyyy* Fielder finally met his sister Fairy again who is weirdly much bigger than him. He had a fun reunion with his favourite sister Anorexic Fawn, but unfortunately didn't get to see Floyd. (This pic is at a weird angle, as Fielder is significantly bigger than Fawn is, by a whole 1.3 kg)

Also, one of Petey's best buds Betty went back to school today for recall, and we wish her the best of luck cause she's an awesome dog!!!!!!! Good luck Betty!!!!!!!!!!! <333

Some good news is that I finally caught my principal at a rare free moment today, and was able to ask her about bringing the dogs to school and she said yes! So Petey comes with me Wednesay...I hope!!

p.s. About yesterday's entry.... Petey rolled in a poo that I probably missed/forgot to pick up in the backyard, so the right side of his head was covered in poo....the reason we didn't notice it right away was because the black patch covered it up haha


Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

I'm glad the poo mystery was looked at ;) ha ha

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