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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

On Sunday, we were at the Royal wiht Amy and Zoom and Amy and Cliff. It was superfun, and for the record, I DID wait for you guys...until 1:20..is it my fault you showed up at 12:25? No, it is not :P Anyways, we just walked around for a bit, saw some cows and their...bits ahahaha, and then our shift started and we did our usual bit, talking to the people and stuff, while eating anything and everything in sight. Our friend Della and foster puppy Betty (FBL haha Erin) joined us a bit later, and Petey loved it cause he and Betty are in the same puppy class and they're best friends. I'll keep this short so you can check out the pics which I went a bit overboard on, but oh well....enjoy!

Yummy Apple Dumpling and interestingly posed Cliff

Zoomy and Petey

Amys and the dogs (AmyB what are you doing??) -- Me, Amy, Zoom

Lovin our doggies!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, we're gigantic pigs, so what?

AmyG's shoe is disgusting and my foot hasn't felt the same since I wore it

BR- Della, me, AmyB, FR- Betty, Zoom, Petey (look at his face!!!), Cliff's furry butt -- Us holding our babies; Betty in front

From left, Betty, Cliff, Zoom and Petey!! <33


Blogger Erynn & Jake said...

yes.....OVER BOARDD!!! but cool.
Looks like you guys had fun! but no female black lab for me!!!

7:16 p.m.


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