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Monday, November 27, 2006

Dog Fur is Taking Over My Life

Today us seniors got our gradwear....I got the sweatshirt and the polo. I LOVE them so much because now no niner will ever ask me again what grade I am- and if they do, I will hit them. But anyways, it was nice and clean because we got it at school today, but then I came home and Petey's fur got all over it in TWO MINUTES. Argh. The one thing I don't like about having a white dog is I can't wear dark clothes cause he sheds so much. Thank god Fielder doesn't shed, or I'd have to cut out light clothes too- then what would I be left with? Nothing, that is what.

Photographic Evidence:

Very clean sweatshirt

Very FURRY sweatshirt plus some very lovable puppies

The most comforting thought I can offer myself is right now is that it could be worse- as in like when Sam had Baloo, Amigo, Calvin and Patience, every colour of the rainbow dog fur-worse. haha Sam :P

And a little note for our american buddies...for your reading pleasure, a conversation that took place in my geography class today:
Capps: So on our way to Boston, we'll be stopping in New Hampshire-
Me: Hang on a sec- is New Hampshire a state?
Therese: umm...yeah...i think...
Me: hey kris?
Krista: Yep
Me: Is New Hampshire a state?
Kris: uhh...YEAH
Me: See Reese!!! told ya!
Therese: Shut up! You were the one who though Chicago was a state!!
Me: Truesay buddy- you win
p.s. Amy you cannot have Fielder...puppy program KNOWS you...I think I will start him off with Jenny and then she can pass him off to someone else and he'll make his rounds in the states!!


Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

Haha, ya ... Christmas should be fun. I guess I better ask Santa for a jean jumpsuit - Denim doesn't show the fur.


4:12 p.m.

Blogger M*Dogs said...

I thought you were allergic to dog hair... I would like to try a non shedding breed (cough)poodle(cough) But alas- I live in Utah- Hey Manny- you live in CA right? Do you think that your club would let me come live there and raise a poodle? hehe Too bad I like black Labs too much...

12:25 p.m.

Blogger gwiz said...

I hear ya, too! Try having a dog that resembles a golden retriever, an almost white Labrador and foster a black Lab puppy. At least the Lab fur brushes off fairly easy. Molson's fur seems to weave itself into every article of clothing I own...I haven't found a lint brush yet that will remove his fur.

3:07 p.m.

Blogger Erin & Rei said...

hee hee chicago a state???? that's funny...how about dark dogs with white/light clothing???

4:31 p.m.


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