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Monday, December 03, 2007

Get This Furball OFF ME

But......I lurves you


Blogger Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

I miss Fielder!!!

5:23 p.m.

Blogger *~Amy~* said...

Il ├ętait un chiot si minuscule ! Je l'aime.

6:32 p.m.

Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

And I miss Petey!!!

6:46 p.m.

Blogger Sarah, Indiana, Irie, and Josette said...

so cute!!!

4:52 p.m.

Blogger thepuppyraiser said...

!!! I forgot your birthday!!! And then I remembered as we were driving up into the hills (hills, cold, Canada, Natalie--see my train of thought here?)

Anyways, happy belated birthday? :D:D

5:53 p.m.


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