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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Warning- This is a Post of Epic Proportions!!

Puppyless- and it SUCKS!! Minus the odd vacation or long day away, I haven't been puppyless for about a year and a half. Compared to other puppy raisers, that probably seems like nothing but it is a big change to not have anyone to snuggle with, take out with me, let out every few hours, or play with. Slightly depressed.
But for some good news, FIELDER PASSED HIS MEDICALS!!!!! This makes me very very happy and relieved, and now my fingers are crossed that he does well in the kennels and that he takes to the training.
This is the last post concerning my having a puppy until at least December, so I'm going to make it a long one! (Hopefully. Perhaps I shouldn't announce that before I even write the post.)
On Wednesday, we headed to my mom's co-worker's house to return Shammy. She was very interested in Emmett as was her 4 year old son. He was a very good boy and sat very still while being petted by little Luca. Then we headed to Dee's where not only we got to meet up with Dee and West, but also Sam, Dallas, Wylie, Juneau, Missy and Quizz!!!!!!

West Wylie

Emmett was so funny, he kept being beat up by West and Wylie! I have declared Wylie my little ninja goddaughter. Ninja is a good word to describe her I think, as she loves to launch herself in the air, paws up and screaming away. One time she landed on Emmett, raced around him, stole a chunk of his fur and ate it! Emmett did not appreciate being beat up by little snot nosed brats and so he exacted revenge on West by waiting til he was taking a sip from the water bucket and then putting his paw on West's head and tried to dunk him in. Oh, sneaky little poodles.

Also on Thursday, I had finally grown my hair long enough (or so I thought-it turned out shorter than I wanted), so following in the footsteps of Thing Two of This Full House and of course, Sam, I cut off ten inches to donate to an organization that makes wigs for children out of these donations, Angel Hair for Kids. Honestly, if I was a mail...person...worker.. and I opened up an envelope with that inside? I would be freaked out. Just a tad. But anyways,back to cute puppies:Then on Friday, we headed up to Amy G's since Amy B's Cottage Puppyfest '07 was on Saturday, and I didn't want to wake up early to bus and train it to Oshawa. Turns out thanks to our TV watching addiction, and needing to leave earlier than expected, we only had about 3 hours of sleep on Friday night ( Saturday morning???) anyways. Back to Friday morning- Emmett and I somehow ended up getting to Union station almost a full hour ahead of schedule.So I settled in with my McDonalds hash brown, juice and People magazine (not that I buy/read trashy mags on a regular basis, but I was desperate and usually People isn't as bad as the rest. Except this issue, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were on the cover talking about their "relationship" and, ugh, High School Musical 2, POKE MY EYES OUT WITH A HOT SPORK PLEASE. I fail to see the greatness in this production. And for the record, Zac Efron aka Jesse McCartney incarnate, is not hot. NOT HOT AT ALL).

Emmett watching the train pull in. The angle is weird which is why it looks like the train is headed straight for him. But rest assured, it is most definitely not.

Amy and I whiled away the hours with dog walking, playing ball (with the dogs), watching tv and going out to the movies and watching Superbad. Quick note here: The first time I saw an ad for Superbad was way back when I was in California and I thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever seen and promised myself I wouldn't watch it. Thanks to the power of advertising and marketing, and my brain melting into mush during the summer,I decided I did indeed want to see it, and so Amy and I went off with Zoom and Emmett. It was actually so superbad it was good, and very hilarious. Chicka chicka yeahhhhhhhh. (That's my new phrase from the movie) Definitely not a movie for everyone though. Anyways, the funniest part came after the movies. Amy and I were sitting outside waiting for her mom to pick us up when this conversation actually happened:

Random girl: Excuse me, is he (he being Emmett) a dog? Me: *shocked into silence/trading incredulous look with Amy* Amy: Um....yes?! Random Girl: Oh okay. I couldn't figure out if he was a dog or a lamb.

Yes, because I'm so sure I would BRING A LAMB TO THE MOVIES!!!!! Silly girl.

Anyways, we spent the rest of the night talking, watching tv and having random hilarious talks with her brothers. When we finally went to bed at four, I fell asleep right away curled up with my favourite PoleyWoley (umm aka Polaris)

Hmmmm let's see... which one of these don't belong? The correct answer would be POLARIS because he isn't sitting up like the rest of them. Get up lazybum!Zoom: Pfft. You guys are so immature. Bunny ears? ARE NOT ENTERTAINING. I'm fifteen months for god's sake. I'm not even going to acknowledge you silly humans anymore. But Nat, I do love you cause you're so cool. Cuddling with Poles. On the bed. Because he's a pet now. Unlike those darn foster puppies that have to loll about on the ground. Yeah. Me and Poles- we're cool.

We woke up three hours later and then headed off to Amy's. Unfortunately, everyone in the household was asleep. We decided to go ahead and let the dogs play in the backyard which is how we discovered the back door was unlocked. So we let ourselves in, crept into Amy's room and found her asleep in the bed. Well that wouldn't do so I threw Polaris on her which woke her up real quick.

Then we finallly headed up to the cottage. For once I called shotgun first and Amy G was stuck riding in the back with the fifty million dogs. Which was only fair because approximately all of them were hers. I somehow lost my shoes on the way there but found them after a while of walking around on the rocky driveway. While waiting for everyone else to arrive, we were bored and started a little photoshoot.

Amy's sick bruised toe!!!!!!!!!!

Then people started arriving in droves and there were eighteen puppies (I think) in all. The best part was the four baby 8 wk olds, all from the same litter- Abbott, Ariel, Aspen and Addison.

After several hours playing with the dogs, having a nice bbq, and catching up on each other's lives, it was time to go home. I think Quizz sums up how we were all feeling by the end of the day:

If you've made it to the end of the post, congratulations! Sorry if your eyeballs have fallen out, but you know, we do raise guide dogs for a reason. If you've made it to the end, please leave a comment- I'm very interested to know who read all the way through this novel!!!!


Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

Yay, I made it through!

But really Nat, you should save the long posts for during school when I actually need to procrastinate.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Wylie and West - cutest dogs ever of course!

I am very sad I missed out on the roadtrip and puppyfest this year. But hey, at least you were spared Amigo puking on your seat this time.

9:27 p.m.

Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

Oh, and PS, YAY for cutting off your hair - I want to see!

9:28 p.m.

Blogger Amy, Polaris & Zoom said...

Haha I made it!!! (prize please?)

It was a good weekend, I had fun =) And I got another puppy outta it! muhaha!!

9:48 p.m.

Blogger Joanna and Camry said...

I did it!!! wooo!! and you didn't even make me procrastinate on my paper, thanks muchly!! :)

P.S.Camry says she's in love with the new puppies. She likes younger men.

P.P.S. Don't be hatin' on Zac Efron! Actually, no. You can hate on him all you want. Just don't hate on my husband, Link Larkin.

P.P.P.S. Say all the crap you want about highschool musical 1 & 2. Why they made a second one is beyond me. But oh wait... the third one comes out in a year, and it's going in the theaters. I'm planning on moving to a place that shows only good movies.

P.P.P.P.S. I thought it was only right to have a super long comment for your super long post.

The End.

9:57 p.m.

Blogger Liz said...

Yay, I am sooo proud of you (and Thing Two) donating "that much" hair is a very selfless act and yes, you should be very proud of yourself!

Thanks for catching me up with all the cute puppiness - sloppy kisses, from Rudy!

6:43 a.m.

Blogger Kelsey and Spike said...

Good job Fielder!! And oh...so glad that you started reading Twilight!! Now you can see why I am so obsessed. Stephenie Meyer is my hero. New Moon and Eclipse are just as good...so keep reading!! Hurry!! :D

2:50 p.m.

Blogger 8675309 said...

Great post, Nat! I too made it all the way to the end. Puppies...cuteness...and your short hair is cute too!

4:59 p.m.

Blogger Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

Thanks for the good read this evening! I would still like Emmett to be dropped by my place at your earliest convenience ;) All the photos are great! I especially like West who appears to have a touch of a white little chest just like my Magpie.

Good job to Fielder on passing his medical tests! I bet he is having a great time in training (poodles are so smart they must just eat up all the learning to be done!). Can't wait for more updates!

6:32 p.m.

Blogger Kelsey and Spike said...

Awwww...if we were neighbors, I would totally let you borrow my copy of New Moon. Hopefully you get it soon!! It must be torture waiting. I know it was for me. ;(I think I like them better than Harry Potter to. :D

3:54 p.m.

Blogger Maddie said...

yes, i read it ALL.

4:46 p.m.

Blogger Runza said...

That is a novel! :)

CONGRATS TO FIELDER (and you) that he passed is medicals! That is so awesome! I'm so happy for you!

And, I can totally relate to the lonely puppy feeling. Now when I go places I feel like I'm invisible. It's so sad. Here's a long distance hug from another puppyless puppy raiser!

Love all the pics.

5:26 a.m.

Blogger Kelsey and Spike said...

Since this is my third comment on this post, let me go back and say...I love Emmett's name!! I want my golden puppy to be named Edward, and Emily is hoping to get a boy to, and she wants Emmett. ;D Anywho...SO glad for you that you got both New Moon and Eclipse, you will probably like Eclipse better, at least I did....but they are both still super awesome. And yes, Stephenie Meyer is a godlike woman. Seriously she is like Jesus or something.

2:35 p.m.

Blogger Amy, Polaris & Zoom said...

P.S. Thanks for making me sound like a crazy dog lady !! .. "Amy G was stuck riding in the back with the fifty million dogs. Which was only fair because approximately all of them were hers"


8:39 p.m.

Blogger Erin & Rei said...


1. Zac is CUTE!
2. I just like HSM songs, HSM2 we'rent that great seeings how i'm listening to it right now LOL!
4. My eye balls are faallllinggg

10:56 p.m.

Blogger Erin & Rei said...

`1. Zac Efron is cute thank you very much
2. I only like the songs of HSM & HSM2
3. I am listening to them right now lol
5. Good luck in College!

10:59 p.m.

Blogger Emily and Suede said...

I made it to the end! Love all the pictures of the puppies, and I am with you on HSM. Dumb.

4:36 p.m.


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