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Sunday, December 03, 2006

<3 My Godpuppies <3

Introducinggggg........*drumroll please*.... POPPY!!!!!!

Poppy (aka green ribbon pup) is my female black lab godpuppy...she is obviously the cutest of the litter, but shhh don't tell the other puppies that-they're pretty cute as well. Some of you may remember David, who fosters my other godpuppy Flight. David breeds labs, some of which are donated to our school to be trained to become dogguides. Flight was one of the puppies chosen from Brin's litter to be donated to the school, and he is a tres awesome puppy. I'm sure Poppy will turn out to be the same, whether she goes on to be a future dogguide as well or becomes someone's best-pet-they-ever-had.

(L) Poppy, (R) Poppy and sibs

(L) my handsome godpuppy Flight, (R) my cute as heck godpuppy Poppy

AmyG's, my, Sam and AmyB's godpuppies lying in a row- best friends just like their godmommies- Blackstock, Poppy,Beauty and Handsome


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