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Saturday, December 02, 2006


Today Fielder got a new collar because his other one with the snap-buckle popped open by itself, and we didn't want to risk it doing that again somewhere potentially dangerous, so we got one with the metal buckle thingy today. It's not as pretty as the one I got in Oakville =( but it's okay...


At a friend's garage sale today we got this little coatstand thing....it has these little kittens on it and they're soooo cute!!! Fielder was quite interested in them...Petey, not so much


Hockey Night in Canada!!! The game was just starting, so the national anthem was being sung. We're playing the Habs tonight in Montreal, so the anthem was in french. And Petey goes up to the tv and stands in front, cocked his head and listened to it- which he NEVER does when the anthem's being sung in english, or when its the american anthem. Clearly, he is a proud little frenchie! (For those of you who don't know, Petey's from Quebec)



Blogger Anna said...

hey! haha...I love hockey...it's such an interesting sport...dogs like it to...it was really fun when my puppy group went to a hockey game!!

6:58 p.m.


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