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Friday, December 22, 2006

Grey's ....withdrawal....slowly...dying...

Dear Producers of ABC,
I know that every series on every network is running on repeats for the next three weeks and have been for the past month. BUT can i just say that there are many disgruntled Grey's viewers out there who are going through WITHDRAWAL?? And please, don't EVEN get me started on that RETARDED idea of running half of Lost's season, putting Daybreak(??????) in there and making us wait to see what happens with Kate, Jack and Sawyer-and all of those other unimportant people. Whatevs. Anyways, I can't wait til Jan. 11 to see my favourite interns, attendings, and hot doctors again. Please never do this to us again.

Love, your most loyal viewers,

Nat, Petey and Fielder

p.s. Do you ever wonder why when YOU'RE hospitalized, YOUR doctors are never McDreamys or McSteamys??? Send in the hot doctors with dark and twisty personalities!!! Or at least throw in a Bailey or drunk Addison just for fun...my favourites!! :)

Anyways, this is what happens when you start REALLY missing Grey's...

Me and Baileyyy!!

Me and Derek!!! <3

( L) Izzy, Mer, Georgie <3

(R) Me and my friends :P


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