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Friday, June 08, 2007

New Beginnings

Well as you can imagine, it has been quite the eventful week. Although, I am very proud of myself, I only cried once and that was today and it didn't count cause everyone in the class (including our teacher who STARTED IT) was crying. So to make my last day of high school ever very memorable, two people passed out during the day and then we had a lockdown drill during music class which freaked everyone out at first cause nobody realized it was a drill and we all thought someone was about to kick through the door and shoot us all. Luckily for myself and my friend Alison, we were wedged in between the three timpanis at the back of the classroom, and so figured that we were as safe as could be. Besides the fact that we probably picked up a million and one diseases from our disgusting school floor. All in all, a very emotional day, but the worst is yet to come....the grad mass and tea and then graduation will be killer, but for now it's time to move on and concentrate on studying for finals (yuck).

In keeping with the theme of the day, we would like to wish our friends Clifford and Tetley the best of luck in their new beginnings as they head in to school- have fun partying it up guys! We know Amy and Missy taught you well :)

Lastly, we would like to congratulate Sam and Dallas on Dallas (finally :P) becoming pregnant and so starts a new journey for the two of them. We absolutely cannot wait to meet Dallas' puppies....we also absolutely cannot wait for the puppy pool to close so we can see who guessed what!!!!! In case you haven't put in a guess yet, go here right now and do it before June 12!! I have never ever won a puppy pool before, or even a PART of one, so needless to say I am counting on Dallas' litter to finally prove I am a good guesser!! (Although the multiple choice sections of my tests may already have proven the point that I am, in fact, a very very bad guesser).


Blogger Amy, Polaris & Zoom said...

GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE EVERYONE!!!! (Nat and puppies) !!!!

I'm sure everyone will do awesome-lly!!! (is that even a word!?)

5:23 p.m.

Blogger Amy, Polaris & Zoom said...

That picture of Cliff was tooken at my house!? lol

9:44 a.m.


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