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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Message Brought to You By Camry

Camry says:

Joanna and Camry says:
That was Camry

Joanna and Camry says:
She put her face on my keyboard, hahaha.

Joanna and Camry says:
I couldn't get her off of it, I had to kinda pick up her face to get it off the keyboard, lol.

Joanna and Camry says:
She was like "ooooh, it's NATALIE!!! Lemme talk, mom, lemme talk!!!!!"

Joanna and Camry says:
She wanted to tell you ALL about her day.

This actually made me laugh for about fifteen minutes straight. Thanks for brightening up my day Cam!

I think the pre-finals stress is making me manic. This should be an interesting two weeks...

On the bright side, only 17 days until I have a leash in my hand again! Which means only 17 days until you all find out which blog dog I get to run away with ;) Exciting!


Blogger Joanna and Camry said...

love love love love love. :)

"she's so thoughtful that way"...


8:51 p.m.

Blogger Elizabeth and Alana said...

Yay for puppysitting! At least, despite the stress of finals and everything, you will be puppyless no more in 17 days. ;D

11:17 p.m.

Blogger Lisa and Ellie said...

oh, that's hilarious!

4:14 a.m.

Blogger Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Haha, funny stuff. :) Can't wait till you run away with a leash in your hand.

8:39 p.m.


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