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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Way Back When

I was just looking through some old pictures and man do I ever miss my boys now...

BONUS: 2 points to whoever can guess who this handsome fella is!


Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

I know, I know!!! Zoom.

I'm glad you finally posted. An that first picture of Fielder is the cutest i have ever seen him. Petey of course, is cute in every single picture!

6:31 p.m.

Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

P.S. I'm sorting Juneau pics right at this moment too!

6:31 p.m.

Blogger *~Amy~* said...

Holy crap Petesy is fricking adorable!

Ok Sam beat my guess but I knew who it was right away. Oh Zoomer...still chugging away in CVC.

6:48 p.m.

Blogger Lisa & Runza said...

ah, what adorable pictures. Sorting pictures always makes me weepy. (I'm a sap I know). I love seeing all the pictures though! Have you heard any updates on Fielder?

6:48 p.m.

Blogger thepuppyraiser said...

Ahh loves it! Such adorable boys :)

7:19 p.m.

Blogger Emily, Maggie, Ellis, and Angel said...

Ok, delayed reaction, but the photos are SOOOO CUTE!!!

3:20 p.m.

Blogger Ayme, Polaris & Aspen said...

Aww... how could I forget THAT face!

I'm very happy u put a picture of Zoomers on a post saying "I miss my boys" haha..

Good ol' Zum =)

P.S. I miss you Nattttt =( Come home soon!!

3:29 p.m.


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