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Thursday, July 19, 2007

One Very Real Cute Puppy Ahead

These past two days for Fielder and I have been very bittersweet. Lately, something has clicked on in his head that he has a job to do when in jacket, and he is a lot more well behaved and responsive to my voice and corrections in public. And at home, he is a huge snugglebug, as usual. I have never met another dog as snuggly as he is, and I love it! I'm definitely going to miss this little pupster when he leaves.

Yesterday, my friend and our families and I went to a mall to check out this laptop we're both looking at to take away to university with us. Fielder was being the best I've ever seen him out in public. We stopped at the computer store for so long I thought my brains were going to fall out, but he just sprawled out on the floor the whole time. Even though my friend's 4 yr old sister was being seriously annoying, he ignored her most of the time. And if I were Fielder and had a kid poking me, petting me (even though I had expressly forbidden her from doing so) and literally HOPPING back and forth over me? The kid would've been gone in two bites. Good thing I'm not Fielder.
Umm I don't even know how I didn't notice my entire leg was in the picture. That sucks.

Also, I heard my new favourite comment on the puppies at the mall. A family was standing a few feet away from me, staring at Fielder, which as puppyraisers, you know is not unusual. But then? They had to go and say "Is he REAL??" At this point, Fielder breathed. And they screamed "Oh my god!!! IT'S REAL!!!!" Weird!!! Do I LOOK like a freak who would drag a stuffed animal in a future dogguide jacket to the mall? I really hope not.
Okay my friend just asked me, and I quote "Do puppies really sleep? Or do they just have their eyes closed?" HAHA!!!! Wow that is definitely a new one.
Today, we wento to my best friend Charmayne's house for a reunion of sorts. There are six of us who have been friends since junior kindergarten (so we've known each other for 14 of our 18 years), but since we split up in grade nine to three different high schools, we haven't been the closest of friends. Which brings on a whole new anxiety attack about being the only one going out of province for university, but let's not think about that. Anyways, Fielder was really good today as well, lying in a corner while the six of us chatted and then moved downstairs to watch a movie. He also was very interested in Char's two bunnies (that I named Mocha and Latte cause they're both brown and white! Clever? I think so! haha). At one point, he was sniffing around so much, he was snorting. Cuteness!!
Overall, I've just been really happy with him lately, and I HATE the idea of giving him back so soon. Boo this silly recall business, I say we just keep our puppies forever.


Blogger Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

You're killing us with cuteness! What an adorable well behaved pup he is (is he real? that comment is hilarious)! Enjoy these last few weeks!

And I assume you won't be raising another anytime soon with the start of university (or college as we say here in the States)? Maybe after you get settled...

1:47 p.m.

Blogger Joanna and Camry said...

just so you know... Fielder's not leaving. I refuse to allow you to give him back. 'Cause, you know, I'm sure that'd be okay with the organization. :)

11:50 p.m.


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