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Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Highlight of the day: Sitting in church when my nose starts running. Of course I have no tissues, not even any Fielder clean-up paper towels on me. Which is great cause every other time I don't need it, I have random treats, paper towels or poobags floating around somewhere. And of course, nobody has tissues I can use. So I sit there and then it suddenly goes away and my nose is back to being stuffy. An Easter miracle.

After that fun hour, Fielder and I set out on a long day. First we were to participate in an Easter parade. Somehow there was a mixup and only three foster families (including us) showed up, but oh well. It was still fun, and it was Fielder's best friends so we didn't mind at all. Thanks to Missy for the ride and thanks to Johnny for decorating Fielder's jacket with very feminine flowers.

Whim, Yukon, Fielder and Tetley

Whim and Fielder

Tetley and Yukon

After that, we dropped by to visit Shammy, the toy poodle we used to babysit. He is now I think 13 years old, and very old and gray. But he still remembered us and was hyperventilating with excitedness :) (sorry no pictures)

And THEN me and the famjam went to our friends' house for dinner and to visit their brand new, 8 week old Newfie Dallas (he is a Landseer, which is why he is patchy and not all black like probably most of the Newfies you see). He is ADORABLE and he and Fielder played together well. The most exciting part of the night was the finding of a dead squirrel in the garden. It wasn't even JUST a dead squirrel- apparently a fox or something had eaten it, and regurgitated it up INSIDE OUT so that the fur was on the inside and the skin was like a nice little saranwrap over it. So of course I did the one thing I know you guys would do too- pushed my friend Kimmy towards it while we were both bent over examining it and laughing hysterically as she screamed and probably had a minor heart attack.


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Oh my gosh, that dog is SOOOO cute!!! And of course, so is Mr. Fielder. :)

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