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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Open House

Today was our school's spring Open House. It was lots of fun- many of our friends were there, including (obvs) Amy and Zoomers, Dee and Whim, Lisa and JiveBunny, LynnT and Miller, Della and Maisie, LynnG and Naveed, Kelsey and Fawn, Missy and Tetley and Yukon, Wendy and Zulu, Paula and Jessie (CVC) and I'm sure I've forgot someone :P

The two best parts of the Open House was seeing Fielder's sister Fawn again- she's soooooo tiny, it's hard to believe they're siblings. But weirdly enough, their other sister Fairy (who wasn't there as she was in heat-a mini poodle in heat? what size underpants is that???) is bigger than Fielder. So we call them Steroids Fairy and Anorexic Fawn. The second best part was that coincidentally, Crispy, Amy's first puppy showed up at Open House- she's now a working HED (hearing ear dog). And even though I only met Crispers once, it was so emotional seeing her and Amy and the client together- I think that really helped me to see the "big picture". After they left, we were standing together in a corner of the silent auction place and Amy was crying and I was all teary and then Amy turns to me, and I expected her to say something poignant, and she goes- "Ew I feel like such a freak!" hahaha <3

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