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Friday, April 20, 2007

Fielderoo and Jivebunny <3

It's official....Fielder has a new girlfriend! He could NOT stop humping her, he loved her so much!! ;)

Today we had a PA day, and it so happened that Lisa was in town for a conference, so we slept in til 11:30, then went downtown to meet her and Jive at the hotel. The normally one hour subway ride down only took half an hour so to kill time we hung around Nathan Philip Square (City Hall), and tried to ignore a crazy woman who tried to talk to us and then muttered to herself. Also, a man asked us if the dogs were put down when retired!! That was a first, and also a very horrible thought.

Then it turned out Lisa had a thingy to go to so I had fun hanging out in her room watching tv and bouncing around on the king size bed (note to self: must get myself one of those bad boys;) ) while Fielder and Jive had a humpin' good time playing with Jiver's toys. When Lisa came back, we walked around the Eaton's Centre for a while and then went back to the hotel so the pups could play again. They had lots and lots of fun and so did I :)

View from room- to the left, City Hall, to the right, Old City Hall

Hi Juneau!

I'm never leaving here. (the pet-friendly Sheraton provided this hudgen dog pillow for Jive)

Dead tired!!Fielder would like to send Jo lots of kissies and wishes Dash the best of luck :) (I know he looks like he's on drugs but he's really not!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jive and I had a great time too! Fielder is a little sweetheart............even though he's a POODLE! ;-) LOL

We'll get together again soon.

4:31 p.m.


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